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Children and youth all around Hamisi District are facing a serious learning crisis. Currently there is free primary education in Kenya. However there is tuition and fees to attend secondary school. There are many needy children who are not able to attend secondary school. While there has been remarkable progress in getting more children into school during the past decade, much remains to be done to ensure that all children and youth can attain quality education. Evidence shows that targeted attention to three priorities – early childhood development, literacy and numeracy in lower primary school and relevant learning for youth in post-primary school – could jumpstart global education development so that all children are prepared to lead safe, healthy and productive lives.

HACODEFU’S main objective is to increase the ability of individuals, groups, organizations, institutions and societies to deliver quality education for all. We recognize the needs and ability of individuals, organizations or systems to perform appropriate functions effectively, efficiently and sustainably.

To achieve the education goals, HACODEFU supports:

  • Improving access to quality education by providing scholarships to needy students.

  • Promote exchange programs for students in Hamisi District with students outside Kenya (in particular, the USA).

  • Promote the initiatives of providing school supplies like computers, books and other education materials to needy schools.

  • Assessment of teachers and students to improve learning outcomes.

  • Strengthening early childhood, primary and secondary education.

  • Improving teachers’ effectiveness through in-service training

  • Providing an enabling learning and teaching environment to enhance academic success

Global Partnership & Development

We work with other NGOs, Governments and Independent individuals in advancing our mission in Hamisi District.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We monitor all our projects for learnings and insights to enable improved outcomes from similar or comparable future projects. For example, we monitor report cards of the students on our scholarship program to make sure they still attend school and also continue to maintain a minimum of C mean grade every year for continued support.

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